Disputing website categorization

Millions of websites have been evaluated for content and assigned to one or more categories, such as children, mature content, news, and violence. Symantec categorizes these websites for Norton Family to make the Internet safer for your children.

However, if you feel that the categorization of a particular website that your child has visited is not correct, you can dispute and notify Symantec to change the categorization.

To dispute and notify Symantec of website categorization using Norton Family website

  1. Sign in to Norton Family.

  2. On the Activity page, click the picture icon of your child.

  3. Click the Web tab.

  4. In the Web activity report, click a website address that you want to dispute.

  5. Under Categories, click Dispute site categorization.

  6. On the web page that appears, do the following:

    • If you think that the current category of this website is incorrect, uncheck the current category and select a category from the drop-down list.

    • If you think that this website should also be associated with more categories, select the categories from the drop-down list.

  7. Specify the reasons why you think the category for this site should change.

  8. Click Send.

To dispute and notify Symantec of website categorization using Android device

  1. Sign in to your Norton Family app in Parent mode.

  2. Tap the child whom you want to manage.

  3. Go to the ACTIVITY tab.

  4. From the list, tap Websites. On Android, you can tap the small triangle next to the child icon to filter the list by an activity type.

  5. Tap the website that you want to dispute.

  6. Tap Is this site miscategorized?

  7. In the Disputer Category page, suggest a different category for the website.

  8. Type a note why you disagree with the existing category.

  9. Tap Send.

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Last modified: 04/21/2015