About blocking embedded content

Sometimes, an allowed website contains content that belongs to a blocked category of website. When your child visits such websites, Norton Family blocks the specific portion of the website that belongs to the blocked website. For example, if your child visits www.pogo.com, an allowed website, which contains an advertisement from a blocked website, Norton Family blocks the advertisement, but allows the rest of the content on the page.

Norton Family lets you view the details of partially blocked websites in the Web activity report. The child can request your permission to view the blocked content on the website. You can take an appropriate decision and do the following:

  • Allow your child to view all content on this website

  • Allow your child to access only this blocked embedded content

  • Allow your child to visit all of the websites that belong to the blocked category

  • Leave this embedded content blocked

Blocking a website that your child has visited

Blocking access to multiple categories of websites using Norton Family website

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Last modified: 08/28/2014