Installing Norton Family

Install Norton Family on each computer and mobile device that your children use. If you have a family computer that your children use and a personal computer that you use, only install Norton Family on the computer that your children use. To know more about the supported devices, refer System requirements

If you share a computer with your children, Norton Family works best when each family member logs in with an individual user account. For more information about creating user accounts, refer Creating user accounts Using Norton Family, you can monitor the Internet activities of up to 15 children, set time limits, track location, and more.

After installation on your Windows computer, you can view the Norton Family client icon in the notification area, which is at the far right of the taskbar.

Norton Family for iOS currently supports web, search, video, and location supervision.

After you install Norton Family on your children's devices, they can do the following:

  • Use their device as they normally do

  • View their house rules

  • Refresh their house rules from Norton Family

Installing Norton Family client on another device

Accessing Norton Family

About installing Norton Family client with other parental-control software

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Last modified: 08/10/2016