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Norton Family allows your children to explore the web freely, while letting you know when and where they spend time online. You use simple settings to define house rules that protect all of your child's devices, allow you to monitor their activities, and protect their private information. Norton Family gives you real-time alerts when your children try to do something that is not allowed by the house rules.

You can use Norton Family on your Windows, Android, and iOS devices. However, the features that are supported differ based on your operating system. Norton Family parental control for iOS is only a child-monitoring app. To view or update any of your family settings, you can use either Norton Family website or Norton Family parental control app for Android.

Norton Family parental control for iOS is currently available only in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Norton Family is available in basic and premier versions. The free basic version has limited features. To use advanced features like location, time, and app supervision and to better protect your children, upgrade to the premier version. You can try the premier version free for 30 days. For help in upgrading to a Premier version, read Upgrading or activating your Norton Family Premier account

Norton Family Premier offers the following features to keep your children safe online:

  • Personal information protection*: Helps your children avoid giving out sensitive personal information from their device, including phone number, address, school they attend, or email address.

  • Web supervision: Lets your children explore the web freely, while keeping you in the know about which sites they visit and giving you tools to help them avoid unsuitable content.

  • Location supervision: Lets you track your child's location and know they are safe when they are carrying their device.

  • Search supervision: Shows you the words, terms, and phrases your children search for on their device, giving you insights into their interests and helping you keep them safe from inappropriate content.

  • Social Network supervision*: Monitors your child's social media use, including how frequently they log in to Facebook from their device, and the name and age they use on their profile.

  • Time supervision*: Shows you how much time your children spend online, helping you teach healthy habits. You can easily set time limits or schedule specific times when they can use their device.

  • Video supervision: Lists the YouTube and Hulu videos your children watch on their device, even letting you view a snippet of each video, so you know when you need to talk.

  • App supervision*: Shows you which apps your children have downloaded on their Android devices, and lets you choose which apps they can use, including YouTube and Facebook.

  • Messaging supervision*: Lets you keep an eye on text messages, including what's said and who they can text.

*Not available on Norton Family parental control for iOS.

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