Performance alerting

Norton monitors your system performance. If it detects an increased usage of system resources by any program or process, it notifies you with performance alerts. Performance alerting works only when the Performance Monitoring option and Performance Alerting option are turned on.

Performance alerting notifies you with information about the program name and resources that the program uses excessively. The Details & Settings link in the performance notification alert lets you view additional details about the resource consumption by the program. The File Insight window opens and displays the reputation details of the file, the origin of the file, the process ID, and the complete resource usage list of the program. From the File Insight window, you can choose to exclude the program from being monitored. You can use the Settings option in the File Insight window to turn off the Performance Alerting option.

Performance alerts are not displayed when your computer is idle or in Silent Mode.

For each system resource, such as CPU, memory, and hard disk, there is a resource consumption threshold defined. When the resource consumption of a program exceeds the defined threshold limit, Norton alerts you with a performance alert.

You can use the Resource Threshold Profile for Alerting option to configure the threshold limit. To access the Resource Threshold Profile for Alerting option, go to the Norton main window, and then click Settings > Administrative Settings > Performance Monitoring > Resource Threshold Profile for Alerting.

You can use the Use Low Resource Profile On Battery Power option to let Norton automatically change the resource threshold profile to low when your computer runs on battery power.

You can use High-Usage Alert for option to configure Norton to alert for high usage of CPU, memory, disk, and handles.

In addition, you can add programs to the Program Exclusions list using the Program Exclusions option. When you add a program to the Program Exclusions list, Norton does not alert you when the program exceeds the defined resource consumption threshold limit.

You can view all the performance-related logs under the Performance Alert category in the Security History window.

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