Threat Detected window

The Threat Detected window appears whenever Norton detects a security risk on your computer. You can use this window to view details about the risk and select an action for the risk. Sometimes, you may want to access the Threat Detected window for the same risk again. In that case, the window can be opened at any time from Security History. Security History is the centralized location where you can access the Threat Detected windows of risks that belong to some of the following categories:

Resolved Security Risks

This category includes the security risks or the infected files that Norton has detected and then repaired, quarantined, or removed.

Unresolved Security Risks

This category includes the security risks or the infected files that Norton was not able to repair, remove, or quarantine.


This category includes the security risk items that are isolated from the rest of your computer while they await your attention for a suitable action.

The action options in the Threat Detected window for a risk vary depending on the risk type and its severity level. The following are some of the options that are available in this window:


Returns the security risk that is quarantined to the original location on your computer

Restore & exclude this file

Returns the selected quarantine item to its original location without repairing it and excludes the item from being detected in the future scans

Remove this file

Removes the security risk from your computer and quarantines it

Exclude this program

Excludes the security risk from future scan

Remove from history

Removes the selected security risk item from the Security History log

Get help

Takes you to the Symantec Security Response website

Submit to Symantec

Sends the security risk to Symantec

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 06/20/2017