Actions when Norton cannot repair a file

One of the common reasons why Norton cannot automatically repair or delete an infected file is that you do not have the current definition updates. Run LiveUpdate, and then scan again.

If that does not work, read the information on the Security History - Advanced Details window to identify the types of files that cannot be repaired. You can take one of the following actions, depending on the file type:

Infected files

You can view the file type of the detected risk. This information helps you to decide the action that can be taken depending on the file type.

For example, you can view the infected files with the following file name extensions (any file can be infected):

  • .exe

  • .doc

  • .dot

  • .xls

Hard disk master boot record, boot record, or system files (such as IO.SYS or MSDOS.SYS) and floppy disk boot record and system files

Replace using your operating system disks.

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Last modified: 12/13/2016