Identity Safe vaults

You can create one local vault for each Windows user account on your computer. The data that you save and the Identity Safe settings that you make are specific to that local vault. You cannot access the data that you save in one Windows user account from another Windows user account. This way Identity Safe protects your sensitive data from misuse by multiple users of your computer.

Symantec recommends that you create separate password-protected Windows user accounts if you want to share your computer with multiple users.

In addition to the features such as saving logins, cards, and notes, you can do the following using your Identity Safe vault:

  • Import your Identity Safe data from the file you already backed up. You can also import the data that you stored in portable profile from an older version of the product to the current version.

  • Export your Identity Safe data to .DAT file.

  • Reset your Identity Safe.

    Symantec does not store your Vault password. As only you know the vault password, no one including Symantec can see your Vault data. In case you forget your Vault password, Symantec cannot retrieve it for you. You only need to reset your vault by deleting your existing Vault and creating a new one.

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DOCID: v23920623_ns_sos_en_us
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 12/13/2016