Viewing details of your system activities

System Insight lets you view details of the system activities that you performed or that occurred over the last three months in the Performance window. The activities include application installations, application downloads, disk optimizations, threat detections, performance alerts, or Quick Scans.

You can use the tabs at the top of the Events graph to obtain details for the current month and for the last two months. The Events graph at the top of the Performance window displays each activity as icon or stripe. The description for each icon or stripe appears at the bottom of the graph. The pop-up that appears when you move the mouse pointer over an icon provides you the details about the activity. The details include the date on which an activity was performed and the number of such activities that you performed on that date. The View Details link provides additional details of the activity in the Security History window.

To view details of your system activities

  1. In the Endpoint Protection main window, click Performance.

  2. In the Performance window, at the top of the Events graph, click the tab for a month to view the details.

  3. In the Events graph, move the mouse pointer over the icon or the stripe for an activity.

  4. In the pop-up that appears, view the details of the activity.

  5. If the View Details option appears in the pop-up, click View Details to view additional details in the Security History window.

About monitoring system activities

About System Insight

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