System Insight

Computer performance is a big issue for all PC users. That's why Norton System Insight was designed. This feature lets you see how files and applications are affecting performance. In turn, you can make tweaks to improve overall performance and speed.

System Insight helps you identify why your computer may have problems. From the Graphs window, select the tab for any month to monitor:

  • Downloads

  • Risks Detected

  • Quick Scans run

  • Installations

  • Optimizations

  • Performance Alerts

Roll over the icons to see actions that were taken. As you evaluate these actions you can see events that may affect the efficiency of your computer and make improvements. This could include, eliminating programs that you don't use and that slow down your computer.

Norton does more than protect your computers and mobile devices. It can help PCs run their best. Here are more ways to Optimize Performance.

Do you need help determining why your system seems slow? Norton Ultimate Help Desk provides comprehensive and affordable support, including network setup, device diagnostics, and computer tune up services.

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Last modified: 03/08/2018