Norton Backup Drive

Your Norton product provides the Norton Backup Drive in your Windows Explorer after you configure your backup. Norton Backup Drive contains a list of backup destinations where your files are backed up. Each backup destination contains the backup sets to which the backup destination is configured.

Norton Backup Drive displays the files that you backed up to a media device. You must connect and turn on the media device before you view your files.

You can also view the files that you backed up to Secure Cloud Storage. You must be connected to the Internet and signed in to Norton account.

To view the files in your online backup, you must set the Network Cost Awareness option in the Firewall Settings window to No Limit.

Defining the Internet usage of your Norton product

The Norton Backup Drive is accessible only to system administrator.

You can do the following with Norton Backup Drive:

  • View the files that are backed up in different backup destinations.

    To view the files that you backed up to a media device, you must connect the device to your computer.

  • Restore a file from a backup set on the Norton Backup Drive to restore to your computer.

  • Select and delete a file from a backup set on the Norton Backup Drive.

    Norton product does not back up the file you deleted the next time you run backup.

  • Open a file to view the content of the file before you restore or delete it on the Norton Backup Drive.

  • Use the Search command on the Start menu or the Search Toolbar option to locate files in the Norton Backup Drive.

Norton Backup Drive appears in Windows Explorer only when the Backup option in the Backup Settings window is turned on.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/09/2017