Norton backup file extensions

A file extension is a string of characters that is appended to the name of a file and is used to identify the file format. Norton uses the file extension to back up the files that are present on your computer into different categories. Each backup file category contains a list of default file extensions. When you run a backup, Norton identifies the files that are based on the file extensions and backup file categories. For example, if you want to back up the documents with a .fm file extension in the Office Documents category, you can add the .fm file extension to the category.

The Edit File Type option on the What tab of the Manage Backup Sets window lets you add, edit, or remove file extensions in each backup category. When you check Edit File Type, the Configure option that appears next to each backup category lets you edit file extensions in that category.

You can use the Edit File Type option on the What tab of the Manage Backup Sets window to do the following:

  • You can view the file extensions that are already listed in a backup file category.

    This option helps to ensure that the list has the extensions of files that you intended to back up.

  • You can add a file extension to the list or edit a file extension that is present in the list.

    This option helps to ensure that the next time when you run backup, Norton must back up the files with the extensions that you added.

  • You can remove a file extension from the existing list or a file extension that you added.

    This option helps to ensure that Norton does not back up the unintended files, the next time you run backup.

  • You can reset a file category to its default file extensions.

    This option helps to restore the changes you made to a backup file category.

The file extensions are independent of a backup set. If you change a file extension in a backup file category, the change applies to all backup sets.

To know the file types each backup file category includes, Supported file types for backup

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Last modified: 11/08/2017