Norton toolbar

When you install Norton, it prompts you to add the Norton toolbar extension to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

You have the following options in the Norton toolbar:

Norton Safe Search

You can use the Norton Safe Search option to enhance your web search experience. The Norton Safe Search uses to generate the search results. Norton Safe Search generates the search results based upon the site safety status and Norton rating for each of the search results.

Safe Web indicator

Lets you know if the website you visit is safe or unsafe.

The Antiphishing and Norton Safe Web features, analyze the security level of the websites you visit. It then displays the results in the Norton Safe Web pop-up window.

You can click on the Safe Web indicator to view the threats detail in the Norton Safe Web pop-up window. If you suspect that the result is wrong, you can use the Report this site option to notify Symantec for further evaluation.

Vault is open/Vault is closed menu

Lets you view the logins that you have saved in Identity Safe.

Some websites require login information. You can use the Vault is open menu to fill the details in those websites. The Vault is open menu displays the list of logins that you saved. You can select a login from the list and a use it to log in to the website.

The Vault Is Open menu is not available in the Norton toolbar for Firefox browser.

You can use the following icons available at the bottom of the Vault is open menu:

  • Open Fill Assistant:

    Lets you view the Fill Assistant pane that appears on the right side of your browser. You can drag and drop the identities from the Fill Assistant pane to fill in the fields in the website.

  • Open Norton Identity Safe:

    Lets you access the Norton Identity Safe main window.

  • Close Vault:

    Lets you view the open or close status of the vault. You can click on the option to close the vault.

    You have to close the Norton Identity Safe main window before you close the vault using the toolbar.

You should be signed in to any of the Identity Safe vault to access the Vault is open menu.

Share via

Lets you share the website with your friends through the popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail, or Google Mail. However, you cannot share the websites with potential security threats.

The Share via option is not available in the Norton toolbar for Firefox browser.

Settings icon (•••)

Lets you configure the Norton toolbar and Norton Identity Safe settings.

Your options are:

  • Toolbar Options: Lets you enable or disable the Norton Safe Search and Norton Safe Share features available in the toolbar. In addition, you can enable or disable Norton Home Page if you have set Norton Home Page as your default home page.

    The option to enable or disable Norton Home Page is available only in Firefox.

  • Default Search Settings: Lets you change the default search settings for your browser. When you click this option, you can access the instructions to change your default search settings.

  • Open Identity Safe Settings: Lets you configure Identity Safe in such a way to access it from various devices and make it work more effective and smart.

In Google Chrome browser, the Norton toolbar can be accessed as a Chrome extension. In the Extensions page of the Chrome browser, you can enable or disable the Norton toolbar, and uninstall the Norton toolbar from your Chrome browser.

If the Norton toolbar is enabled, you can access the following options:

Allow in incognito

Lets you browse the Internet in stealth mode without storing data of your browsing session in browsing or download histories.

Allow access to file URLs

Lets you view the URL location of the downloaded file.

If you have uninstalled the Norton toolbar from your Chrome browser, you must reinstall Norton to access the Norton toolbar on your Chrome browser again.

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