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When you install Norton Internet Security, it adds Norton Toolbar to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome Web browsers.

You have the following options in the Norton Toolbar:

Norton menu

Lets you access the Web Settings and other settings.

The following options are available in the Norton menu:

  • Report Site

  • Minimize Toolbar

  • Settings

  • Community Buzz

  • Go to Norton Safe Web website

  • Enable Norton Safe Web

  • Enable Norton Safe Search/Disable Norton Safe Search

  • My Norton Account

  • Launch Tutorial

  • Help

The Minimize Toolbar option appears only in the Internet Explorer browser. Also, the Community Buzz option is available only in English-language versions of Windows.

Norton Safe Search

Lets you perform an enhanced Internet search using Norton Safe Search.

You can type a search string in the Norton Safe Search box and perform a search. When you search using the search box, a pop-up window appears and displays the relevant search results.

Norton Internet Security uses the to display the search results. By default, the Norton Safe Search box is hidden. After you install Norton Internet Security and connect to Internet, an alert message is displayed. The alert message prompts you to enable Norton Safe Search. You can choose to enable or disable Norton Safe Search.

Safe Web indicator

Lets you know if the Web site you visit is safe or unsafe.

The Antiphishing and Norton Safe Web options under the Safe Surfing section on the Web tab of the Settings window, analyze the security level of the Web sites you visit. It then displays the results in the Norton Site Safety pop-up window.

Identity Safe menu

Lets you view the logins and cards that you have saved in Identity Safe.

Some Web sites have forms to fill or require login information. You can use the Identity Safe menu to fill the details in those Web sites. The Identity Safe menu displays the list of all logins and cards that you saved. You can select a login from the list and a use it to log in to the Web site. You can also select a card from the list and use to fill forms.

You can access all the Identity Safe options and the Settings window from the Identity Safe menu.

You should be logged in to any of the Identity Safe vault to access the Identity Safe menu.

In Google Chrome Web browser, the Norton Toolbar can be accessed as a Chrome Extension. In the Extensions page of the Chrome browser, you can enable or disable the Norton Toolbar, and uninstall the Norton Toolbar from your Chrome browser.

If the Norton Toolbar is enabled, you can access the following options:

Allow in incognito

Lets you browse internet in stealth mode without storing data of your browsing session in browsing or download histories.

Allow access to file URLs

Lets you view the URL location of the downloaded file.

If you have uninstalled the Norton Toolbar from your Chrome browser, you must reinstall Norton Internet Security to access the Norton Toolbar on your Chrome browser again.

Norton Internet Security lets you install the Norton Toolbar for free even after you uninstall the product. When you uninstall Norton Internet Security, it offers to leave the Norton Toolbar without any cost to search and browse safely over the Internet. However, when you choose to install the Norton Toolbar, the only features that you have are Norton Safe Search and Norton Safe Web.

Your computer must be connected to the Internet to avail this option. Norton Internet Security does not offer to leave the Norton Toolbar if you upgrade your product to the latest version or choose to reinstall another Norton product.

Hiding and showing the Norton Toolbar

Accessing Identity Safe settings from the Norton Toolbar

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