Access settings for a service

You can use the Connection Blocking window to specify access settings for the services that are running on your Mac. For example, you can customize the access settings for the file transfer protocol (FTP) service that allows access to the shared folders on your Mac using the port 21. You can customize the firewall for FTP to allow or block the incoming and the outgoing connections.

When you add an existing service, your Norton product displays the port through which the service communicates the incoming and the outgoing connections.

You also can specify default and specific access settings for a service. The default access setting applies to all connections to or from the computers that use the service. The specific access settings let you allow or block connections to specific computers.

You can perform the following activities for a service using the Connection Blocking window:

  • Configure the access settings

  • Customize the specific access settings

  • Edit the access settings

  • Remove the access settings

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DOCID: v18368830_nsmac_retail_en_us
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 09/01/2017