Using the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

If the installation of your Norton product fails, you can use the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to scan and remove any security threats that prevent successful installation. If your computer is infected and you are not able to start your Windows operating system, you can use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to remove threats and recover your computer.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is available on the product CD that you purchased. You can use the product CD as a recovery media.

If you have purchased this product as a download, go to the following URL to download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard:

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool automatically downloads the latest virus definitions from Symantec servers and uses these virus definitions to secure your computer from all types of viruses and latest security threats. If Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is enabled, virus definitions are automatically updated when your computer is connected to the Internet. Therefore, you must use an Ethernet connection to update the virus definitions in Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. You cannot update the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool virus definitions by using a wireless network connection.

If the virus definitions are out of date, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool may not detect and remove all the latest security threats from your computer.

To use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, you must use the product key of your Norton product.

If you use a trial version of Endpoint Protection, you need to create a Norton Account to receive a product key to use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

To use the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

  1. Insert the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool recovery media.

  2. Turn on or Restart your computer and enter to the BIOS mode.

    You can enter the BIOS mode by pressing the key that is displayed immediately after your system is turned on.

  3. Select the recovery media on which you have created the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool and then press Enter.

    If you are using UEFI-enabled machine, select the recovery media under the Legacy Boot option instead of the UEFI Boot option.

    The recovery media can be the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool CD, DVD, or USB key.

  4. Read the Norton License Agreement, type your Product Key, and then click I Agree.

    If you use a non-QWERTY keyboard, use the Virtual Keyboard option to enter your Product Key.

  5. In the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool window, click Norton Advanced Recovery Scan.

  6. In the Scan section, click Start Scan.

    When the scan is complete, the scan results window lists the following:

    • The total number of files scanned

    • The total number of threats detected

    • The total number of resolved threats

    • The total number of unresolved threats

    • The details of each detected threat

  7. In the scan results window, do one of the following:

    • To fix all of the threats that are found on your computer, select Set all action to Fix.

    • To perform appropriate actions for each of the threats, select Fix or Ignore.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. If a confirmation dialog box appears, click OK.

  10. In the Scan Summary window, review the scan summary and do one of the following:

    • Click Done.

    • To run another scan, click Scan Again.

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