View the files using Norton Insight

Norton Insight provides reputation information about the Files of Interest that are available on your computer. Norton lets you view specific categories of files based on the option that you select in the Norton Insight window.

The drop-down list that is available in the Norton Insight window provides you the following options:

All Running Processes

Lists the processes that run on your computer.

All Files

Lists the Files of Interest.

Startup Items

Lists the programs that run when you start your computer.

All Loaded Modules

Lists all the files and programs that are currently loaded on to the program memory space.

Highest Performance Impact

Lists the programs that consume maximum resources of your computer.

Norton displays a list of top 10 files of interest that had the highest usage on your computer.

Highest Community Usage

Lists the files that have the maximum community usage.

User Trusted Files

Lists the Files of Interest that you manually trusted in the File Insight window.

This category does not list the files that do not belong to the File of Interest even if you manually trust the files.

You can also remove the user trust from all of the Files of Interest that you manually trusted. You can use the Clear All User Trust option next to the drop-down list to remove the user trust.

Untrusted Files

Lists the files that are not Norton Trusted.

You can manually trust all the files that are not trusted by clicking the Trust All Files option next to the drop-down list.

You can view file details such as file name, trust level, community usage, and resource usage. There may be instances when the trust level of a file has changed or a process running might have stopped running. You can refresh the Norton Insight window to update the file list and file details. The coverage meter provides a graphical representation of the percentage of the Norton Trusted Files and the total Files of Interest. The higher the percentage, the lesser time the scan takes.

View the files using Norton Insight

  1. In the Norton main window, double-click Security, and then click Scans.

  2. In the Scans window, select Norton Insight, and then click Go.

  3. In the Norton Insight window, select an option from the Show drop-down list to view a category of files.

    You may need to scroll down to view all the files that are listed in the details area.

  4. Click Close.

Refresh the list of files

  • In the Norton Insight window, at the top of the file icon, click the refresh icon.

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