Norton Identity Safe Wallet

The wallet option in Identity Safe lets you manage your financial information, such as card information, bank account information, and credit payment details.

You can use the wallet to do the following:

  • Automatically fill credit card or bank details whenever you do online transactions.

  • Choose any card details for use with websites.

  • Secure your financial information while you are online.

In this way, Identity Safe protects you from keyloggers that steal and misuse your identity. Banking and other e-commerce websites have forms with fields for credit cards or other financial information. When you click on a field in such websites, Norton Identity Safe opens Infobar that seeks your permission to automatically fill the form. On the Infobar, you can choose the payment that you want to use and then click Fill.

You can also use the Open Fill Assistant icon in the VAULT IS OPEN menu to list the payments that you saved. You can then select a payment, and drag and drop the details on to the form.

You can use the sort option to arrange the payments based on the name, modified date, and used date. You can also search for payments saved in your vault.

In addition, wallet provides you the following features:

  • Lets you protect the financial information by adding one more level of security.

  • Recognizes the webpages that have forms and immediately displays a pop-up window with the list of cards.

  • Provides you a quick view of any of your cards and bank accounts that is not password-protected. Identity Safe provides additional security for your password-protected wallet by not displaying the summary of the wallet.

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DOCID: v15610368_ns_retail_en_us
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 12/13/2016