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Real Time Protection

Real Time Protection options control the scanning and monitoring of your computer. You can use the Real Time Protection options to determine what gets scanned and what the scan looks for. You can also determine what happens when a security risk or risk-like activity is encountered.

This option provides constant protection for your computer by checking for viruses and other security risks on your computer.

How Removable Media Scan works?

Checks for boot viruses when you access removable media. After the removable media has been scanned for boot viruses, it is not scanned again until it is reinserted or formatted.

If you still suspect that a boot virus infects your removable media, ensure that Auto-Protect is turned on to rescan the removable media. You then insert the removable media and open it from My Computer for Auto-Protect to rescan it. You can also scan it manually to verify that the removable media is not infected.

What is SONAR Protection?

Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR) provides real-time protection against threats and proactively detects unknown security risks on your computer. SONAR identifies emerging threats based on the behavior of applications. You can configure how SONAR removes a threat using SONAR Advanced Mode settings.

What is Network Drive Protection?

Scans the network drives that are connected to your computer. Norton performs a Network Drives Scan during Full System Scan and Custom Scan. By default, the Network Drive Protection option is turned on. If you turn off this option, Norton does not scan network drives.

What is Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection?

For computers running Windows 8 or later, the Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection feature provides enhanced security level during the boot time when you start your computer. It ensures better protection by running all the necessary components of Norton that are required to block any malware from functioning when you start your computer.

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Last modified: 12/17/2019