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End-of-Life announcement for Norton Identity Theft Protection

After your subscription's next renewal, Norton Identity Theft Protection will expire and no longer be available. This FAQ helps answer your questions that are related to this announcement.

What does it mean that Norton Identity Theft Protection is being retired?

By retiring Norton Identity Protection, the protection will be discontinued and is no longer included as a part of your recurring Norton subscription.

Why was Norton Identity Theft Protection discontinued?

As you may have heard, Norton, a global leader in consumer cybersecurity is together with LifeLock, a leader in identify theft protection. We are now NortonLifeLock.

Will my identity still be monitored after my Norton Identity Theft Protection subscription expires?

No, the protection ends on your applicable expiration date. Now here's the great news: As a current Norton Identity Protection subscriber, you are entitled to a free offer for our latest comprehensive cybersecurity protection, Norton 360 with LifeLock up to one year and terms apply.

What are the benefits of Norton 360 with LifeLock?

Norton 360 with LifeLock provides you with comprehensive all-in-one protection for your connected devices, online privacy, and identity. Your personal devices and information have protection both at home and on the-go with bank-grade encryption from our Secure VPN when connecting to Wi-Fi, even public Wi-Fi. Your personal accounts are monitored and alerts sent to notify you of potential threats. Should you become a victim of identity theft, we'll work to resolve it, and reimburse funds stolen†††. Should the unexpected happen, you'll be covered with our Million Dollar Protection™ Package††† for qualified ID theft related expenses. And our Virus Protection Promise2 helps remove viruses or refund your money.

I am not able to redeem the Norton 360 offer which I received by email.

Our Member Services & Support agents are more than happy to assist you with redeeming the offer and answer any other questions you may have. Contact support at (844) 388-0382.

What other benefits do I get for being a member?

  • Norton Screen Care1: Screen on your device cracked? Get it repaired and submit your claim in the app (up to $100). Screen Care is included when you renew.

  • We'll speed up your slow PC: If your PC is running too slow, one of our Norton experts will help speed it up. Keep watching your email, more great features are coming your way!

  • Continuous protection: To maximize security, updates are delivered automatically for the most current protection.



We do not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

††† Reimbursement and Expense Compensation, each with limits of up to $1 million for Ultimate Plus, up to $100,000 for Advantage and up to $25,000 for Select, when purchased in Norton 360 with LifeLock plans. And up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts if needed, for all plans. Benefits under the Master Policy are issued and covered by United Specialty Insurance Company (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). Policy terms, conditions, and exclusions at: LifeLock.com/legal.

1This offer must be redeemed before the end of your current subscription period. Standard call rates apply dependent on your phone provider. We reserve the right to update or end this offer at any time. Hours are English only.

Reimbursement of one covered failure for up to $100, after $25 deductible has been applied to the original claim amount.

Subscription details:

  • As long as you are enrolled in a qualifying auto-renewing subscription, the Protection Plan is provided at no cost to you for a single device and protects against one covered failure during the term of your subscription. This loyalty offer may be changed or removed at any time.

  • You must download the app and register a single device to the Protection Plan within your qualifying subscription term, and at least 60 days prior to the term's end. Coverage is subject to a 30-day waiting period.

  • The Protection Plan coverage is provided by Northcoast Warranty Services, Inc. and will reimburse the cost of repair for registered device screen in the event of a covered failure. This is not an insurance policy. The Protection Plan specifically excludes coverage for loss, theft, vandalism, water damage Norton Screen Care Protection Plan for coverage information and exclusions). The Protection Plan is not available or valid in Florida and Wyoming.

2To be eligible, you must have a qualifying subscription with automatic renewal. If a Norton expert is unable to remove the virus from your device, then you may receive a refund based on the actual price paid for the current term of your qualifying subscription. If you have a bundle (a qualifying subscription from NortonLifeLock purchased with either another offering from NortonLifeLock, or a third party offering), your refund will be limited to the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of only your qualifying subscription for the current term, not to exceed the total bundled price paid. Any refund will be net of any discounts or refunds received and less any shipping, handling and applicable taxes, except in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable. The refund does not apply to any damages incurred as a result of viruses. See Norton.com/guarantee for complete details.

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