Resolve threats if your device is at risk

Your Norton product automatically downloads definition updates regularly and secures your computer from latest viruses and unknown threats. In addition, the Norton product monitors your Internet activities to protect your computer from the Internet-based threats that exploit software vulnerabilities.

However, security issues can arise, and you need to decide which action to take.

If you think that your computer is infected with a virus or with destructive software, you can take the following actions:

Quick Scan

Helps you to scan the possible virus-infected areas of a computer that the viruses and other security risks often target

Because this scan does not scan your entire computer, it takes lesser time to run than a Full System Scan.

Full System Scan

Checks all boot records, files, and running programs to protect your computer from viruses and spyware

When you run a Full System Scan with administrator privileges, it scans more files than when you run it without administrator privileges. This scan might take more time than the other scans.

Custom Scan

Scans a specific file, folder, drive, or removable drive that you choose. You can also create your own scan and schedule it to run at a specific time.

Custom Task

Checks for vulnerabilities and risks, and protects your computer by running the following checks:

  • LiveUpdate

  • Internet Explorer Temporary Files

  • Windows Temporary Files

  • Internet Explorer History

  • Disk Optimization

  • Backup

    The backup feature may not be available in some Norton products.

When you right-click a folder, the shortcut menu displays your Norton product name and then the Scan Now option. You can use this option to scan any particular file or folder. Norton Insight scan is simultaneously run along with this scan. Thus this option scans a file using both local definitions and definitions that are hosted in the cloud.

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