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Norton offers proven performance and delivers today's fast and light all-in-one solution to protect your computer and all your online activities. It protects against viruses, worms, hackers, and botnet. It safeguards against online identity theft, protects important files, and keeps your computer tuned and running at peak performance.

Your Norton product is completely automated and easy to use. It works quietly in the background to maintain your overall system integrity with minimal effect on computer performance. By offering an unmatched combination of performance and protection, your Norton product helps you get the most out of your computer and your online experience.

Norton provides complete protection, which includes the following features:


Protects you from virus, spyware, and unknown threats.

You can perform the following types of scans:

  • Computer Scan: Includes Quick Scan, Full System Scan, and custom scans that help you detect and remove all types of viruses, spyware, and other security threats.

  • Norton Power Eraser Scan: Scans your computer for malware.


Guards against online identity theft with Antiphishing, password management, and Norton Safe Web features.

Identity Safe lets you store and manage your sensitive information including your address, login information, passwords, and credit card details.

The Antiphishing and Norton Safe Web features protect you from phishing attacks.


Safeguards important files with backup and restore services.

One of the most important ways to protect the valuable information on your computer is to back up your files regularly. In case you lose your data, your Norton product lets you restore them whenever you want.

The backup feature may not be available in some Norton products.


Provides the following features that improve the performance of your computer:

  • Optimize Disk: Defragments your hard disk and free space.

  • File Cleanup: Deletes the unwanted temporary files including leftover Internet browser files, Internet search words, and other temporary files.

  • Startup Manager: Helps you manage and control the startup programs that are configured to launch during startup of your computer.

  • Graphs: Displays the important system activities that happened in the current month. The activities include application installations, application downloads, disk optimizations, threat detections, performance alerts, and Quick Scans.

Automatic LiveUpdate provides you the latest definition updates and program updates to safeguard your computer. You can also use Silent Mode to suppress alerts and notifications when you perform important tasks on your computer.

If you have trouble in configuring your Norton product, additional help is available. Your Norton product provides easy-to-use support options. You can use the Norton Autofix window to open the Support website and search the Symantec Knowledge Base to find solutions for your problem.

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