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Protect your device from spam and fraud calls using Norton Mobile Security

You can turn on the Spam & Fraud Alerts to identify and block suspicious spam or fraudulent calls that you receive on your device.

When you receive a suspicious call, Norton alerts you whether the incoming call is a spam or fraud and also displays the total number of users who declined, blocked or reported the number as spam or fraud.

You can configure the spam and fraud call settings using your Norton Mobile Security app. You can allow, block, or get prompted when you receive a spam or fraudulent calls. If you block incoming calls from three numbers that have the same 6-digit prefix pattern, Norton lets you add the 6-digit prefix pattern to the blocked list so that you no longer receive any calls that have the same 6-digit prefix.

Spam & Fraud Alerts feature is available only in US and India region.

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DOCID: v128735360_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 03/15/2019