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Error: "Error 2: Activation Key Not Recognized..." when activating Norton Utilities Premium

The Activation key you entered is not a valid key to activate your product. Type your product key again. Norton Utilities Premium product key is case-sensitive. Be very careful to type it exactly as it appears.

If you got Norton Utilities Premium as an added benefit when you enrolled for Automatic Renewal on your primary subscription, you need to remain enrolled to continue to use Norton Utilities Premium.

The product key for Norton Utilities Premium is different from the product key for your Norton Protection.

Activate Norton Utilities Premium

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. In the My Subscription page, under Norton Utilities Premium, you can find the product key.

    Write down or copy the product key.

  3. Start Norton Utilities Premium.

  4. In the Norton window, click Activate Now.

  5. Enter the Norton Utilities Premium Key and click Activate now.

Common mistakes when entering product key

  • Spaces in the product key will cause an error.

  • Make sure that you enter the license information for Norton Utilities Premium. License information for one Norton product is not interchangeable with another Norton product.

  • If you still see a message indicating incorrect or invalid licensing information, verify that you typed the license information exactly as shown.

    Some characters (such as the number 0 and the letter O) can look very similar. Try double-checking the following: The letters O, l (lower-case l), I (capital I); and the numbers 0 (zero) and 1 (one).

If the issue persists, contact Member Services & Support.

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DOCID: v128150248
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 08/07/2020