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FAQ: Dark Web Monitoring* powered by LifeLock

If you received a Password Combo List Dark Web notification, read this article for the next steps you can take to help protect your information.

For any other Dark Web breach alerts, read Learn what to do if you were informed of a breach.

Dark Web Monitoring, also known as cyber monitoring, is a service that helps monitor for use of your personal information on hard to find dark websites and forums. When we detect your information on the dark web, we notify you.

It is important because identity thieves can sell your personal information on hard-to-find dark web sites and forums. To know more about Identity Theft, read this article.

What role does Dark Web Monitoring play in helping to protect my information?

As part of your service, we scan the surface, deep, and dark web for exposure of information. When you enroll, we run a one-time historical dark web scan looking back to 2008 to determine if the information you provided us has been previously exposed. If we find exposed information, we notify you.

We run continuous scans and are on the lookout for exposed information. If your information has been exposed, you can be proactive and take several actions to help protect yourself.

Depending on your region, use the below links for a full list of other helpful tips and guidance:

*Available only in limited regions.

§For NortonLifeLock offerings provided to you by a Service Provider or through channels outside the United States, the LifeLock identity theft protection services and coverage, plan feature names and functionality might differ from the services offered directly by NortonLifeLock. Please contact your Service Provider for details on their NortonLifeLock plan offerings.

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