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FAQ: Norton Security Online from Comcast

The Norton portal that is associated with Norton Security Online, included at no additional cost with Xfinity Internet is available here.

What can I do from the Norton portal?

Upon signing in to the Norton portal you can to perform a series of functions that are related to your Norton Security Online product.

  • You can see all the devices that you have Norton Security Online installed on.

  • You can install Norton Security Online on to the device you are currently on by clicking the Download button in the top-right corner

  • You can send a download link by email to another device of yours, click the Install on Another Device button.

  • You can use the My Norton drop-down at the top of your screen to access your additional subscriptions that you have associated with this Norton account.

    • This is useful if you have purchased a subscription to Norton Security Deluxe if you wanted protection on more than five devices.

    • You can also see a subscription to Norton Secure VPN here if you have purchased it.

Do I need a new Norton account for each device I want to use Norton Security Online on?

No, you will only need to create one Norton account the first time you attempt to use Norton Security Online. After creating that Norton account, use the same one on each device you intend to install Norton Security Online to avoid issues.

You should only create one Norton account for your entire household or for any devices you intend to install Norton Security Online on.

Why is Norton Security Online asking me for a PIN?

  • This can occur if you attempt to download or install Norton Security Online and log into a Norton account that is not associated with that subscription. Use the Norton account you created the first time you downloaded Norton Security Online.

  • This can also occur if you previously created a Norton account that was associated with your Norton Security Suite product that Xfinity was previously offering. Use that Norton account if this is the case.

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Last modified: 06/03/2019