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Configure access settings for your webcam with Norton SafeCam

Norton SafeCam enables you to be secure when you use webcam devices on the Internet. It prevents applications and malware from accessing your computer's webcam without your consent. These malicious applications can post confidential information against your interest or it can potentially be used to blackmail or extort money. Norton SafeCam offers protection against malware that tries to obtain access to your webcam.

With Norton SafeCam enabled, untrusted applications cannot capture images or videos and send the content outside of your computer to compromise your privacy. It constantly monitors applications that have access to your webcam and notifies you if an unwanted program tries to obtain access to the webcam. You have the option to then allow or block access to the application. Norton SafeCam also enables you to manage the programs that can access the webcam device.

Norton SafeCam is available only for a limited number of users.

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DOCID: v126148153
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 08/04/2020