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Compatibility of Norton Password Manager with Google Chrome

A new version of Norton Password Manager extension for Google Chrome has recently been released.

While it has a new look and feel, it will remain a convenient tool for quickly and securely accessing the personal information you need for working online.

What has changed in the Norton Password Manager extension for Google Chrome?

  • After migrating your extension, you can access your same online vault, although with some changes:

    • Norton Password Manager now has its own extension button in Chrome. The vault button on the Norton Security Toolbar has been removed.

    • You use the same Norton account and vault passwords as before, but need to enter them into new screens that are shown by the Norton Password Manager extension.

    • For enhanced security, you need to enter your vault password each time you completely close and restart Google Chrome.

    • You can no longer access a local vault with this extension. We recommend that you convert your existing local vault to an online vault and start using the Norton Password Manager extension in Chrome.

    Other changes:

    • Tags for vault items are not currently supported. We're planning improved ways to group and organize your vault items.

    • Fill Assistant from the Norton Security Toolbar is not available in the new Chrome extension. We're working on new ways of quickly accessing your vault information for all types of webpage forms.

What is new in the Norton Password Manager extension for Google Chrome?

  • Norton Password Manager is now available as a separate Chrome browser extension. This add-on extension can be installed on any system with a Google Chrome browser. It does not require installation of a native Norton product like Norton Security.

    The extension has these great new features:

    • A dedicated browser extension button with a new pop-up window to perform quick actions.

    • New full-tab size vault screens that are more engaging and easier to use.

    • New in-browser labels and pop-up windows for performing form-filling actions using Norton Password Manager.

    • Alerts that use the built-in browser's notifications support.

    • Form filling support for credit card payment fields on top sites.

    • Recognizable site icons added to the logins in the vault screen for top sites.

    • Supports all Norton Password Manager vault item types such as addresses, payments, and notes.

    • Support for Wallet - Bank Account, Favorites are added in this release.

This Norton Password Manager extension is available only for the latest version of the Norton Security products. Older product versions and Norton Identity Safe standalone are not compatible with this update.

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