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Cannot find the Norton Security Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

Why is the Norton Security Toolbar missing in Mozilla Firefox?

The current Norton Toolbar extension is built using legacy technologies that will not be supported by Mozilla after Firefox version 57. Once you update to Mozilla Firefox version 57, all extensions which are built using legacy standards will be disabled by Firefox.

For more information about Mozilla's new standards, read Mozilla Add-Ons Blog.

Are you protected without the Norton Security Toolbar?

Yes. Norton has developed a new extension, Norton Safe Web that protects you from threats, phishing sites, and much more. This new extension is built on technologies that is supported by Mozilla and based on latest industry standards which is to move away from the toolbar UI and implement toolbar less extension model.

Existing extensions such as Norton Safe Search and Norton Home Page are migrated to Mozilla supported technologies and web extension standards.

Windows XP and Windows Vista users can install only the Norton Safe Web extension after updating to Mozilla Firefox version 57. For more information, read Firefox is ending support for Windows XP and Vista.

What are the features of Norton Safe Web?

  • This is a new extension which is of web extension standards.

  • Block page notification on a site with threats

  • Block page notification on a site which is a phishing site.

  • Search Annotation for Norton Safe Search results

Norton is constantly working on providing more protective features to these extensions.

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Last modified: 06/03/2019