Turn off or turn on AutoBlock

Norton AutoBlock stops all traffic between a device in your network and any other computer that attempts to exploit that device. Since this includes traffic that may not be malicious, AutoBlock only stops the connection for a limited time after it detects a threat. You can specify the period for which you want your Norton product to block the connections from attacking computers. By default, your Norton product blocks all traffic between your computer and the attacking computer for a period of 30 minutes.

If AutoBlock blocks a computer or computers that you need to access, you can turn off AutoBlock.

Turn off or turn on AutoBlock

  1. In the Norton main window, click Settings.

  2. In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click Firewall.

  3. Click the Intrusion and Browser Protection tab.

  4. Under Intrusion Prevention, in the Intrusion AutoBlock row, click Configure.

  5. In the Intrusion AutoBlock window, under AutoBlock, do one of the following:

    • To turn off Intrusion AutoBlock, click Off.

    • To turn on Intrusion AutoBlock, click On (Recommended), and then in the AutoBlock attacking computers for drop-down list, select how long you want to turn on AutoBlock.

  6. In the Intrusion AutoBlock window, click OK.

  7. In the Settings window, click Close.

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Last modified: 02/15/2018