I see "We encountered a problem with the following profiles:" message

You see this message if we could not fetch your Norton Family settings, such as your child's profile, House Rules, and emergency contacts, from our servers. In such case, you may notice some profile and House Rule details missing in your account, including device assignments. While we try to resolve this issue, the affected profiles and settings have been reset to their default ones to ensure protection to your children. However, we request you to review the following settings and update them if required.

Check your child's profile

  1. Sign in to Norton Family.

  2. Click the CHILDREN tab.

  3. Click on the affected child's profile and then choose Profile Settings.

  4. Review your child's details, including their personal information.

  5. Click the Monitored Devices tab and do the following:

    • If your child uses a Windows computer, then choose the account(s) that you want to associate and monitor for this child.

    • If your child uses an Android or iOS device, sign in to Norton Family app from that device to associate your child. For more information, read Edit device assignment on your child's device.

  6. Click Activity Notification Settings tab and do the following:

    • Select the activities for which you want to be notified.

      The notifications are sent to the email that you specify here. To add more email address, type the email address and click Add. You can Enable or Disable notifications at any time.

      You cannot edit or remove the primary email address. You can add up to five email addresses to which you want to receive notifications.

Set PIN and emergency contacts

  1. Click on the affected child's profile.

  2. To set a PIN, choose Edit PIN, set a PIN of your choice, and then click Save.

  3. To add an emergency contact, choose Manage Contacts, enter the name and the number of the contact.

    • To add another contact, click and then click Save.

      You can add up to 6 contacts to the allowed contacts list.

    • To remove any of the contact that you have added, click and then click Save.

Check your child's House Rules

  1. Choose the affected child's profile and then click the HOUSE RULES tab.

    Default House Rules are applied based on the child's age.

  2. To review or change a House Rule, click House Rules Settings on that House Rule tile. For more information, read Define House Rules.

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Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 06/07/2018