Set up Link Guard in Norton Mobile Security

Link Guard feature in Norton Mobile Security protects you from unsafe websites by analyzing them before you visit them. When you open the web links from emails, text messages or QR codes, Link Guard scans the links and warns against unsafe links.

To set up Link Guard, turn on Link Guard in Norton Mobile Security, and make sure that it is set as default browser.

Turn on Link Guard

  1. From the Home screen, launch Norton Mobile Security.

  2. Swipe through the screens to reach the Online screen, and then tap Link Guard.

  3. On the Link Guard screen, next to Identify unsafe links, move the slider to turn it on.

    Identify unsafe links turns green after you turn it on.

  4. Link Guard automatically pairs with your default browser.

    If you have more than one browser installed and if Link Guard cannot find a default browser, message "Pair with a browser" is displayed on the Link Guard screen.

    Tap Pair with a browser, and select the default browser to open the links.

    Link Guard setup is now complete and you can now safely open any links even outside of your browser from any apps.

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Last modified: 05/09/2017