Invite your friend to Norton Security

You can now spread the joy of world class Norton protection and make your friends as safe as you are by sharing Norton Security with them. Through this program, your invited friend gets a 30-day free trial of Norton on installing it using your invitation. Note that this program is applicable only for first time Norton users. If your friend renews a Norton subscription within the trial period, they get 60 more days than the usual subscription days and any remaining days with the trial period. You (the invitee) also gets 60 additional days added to your subscription.

For example, if your friend is in their 5th day of trial period and they go for a renewal of one-year subscription, then your friend gets 365 days of usual subscription, 60 additional days, and 25 remaining trial days. So, altogether they get 450 days of Norton subscription.

Send invite to your friend

  1. On the invitation alert, click Invite a friend.

  2. Sign in with your Norton credentials.

  3. Type the email of your friend whom you want to invite.

Accept an invite and join Norton

  1. Click the invite link in the email message.

  2. Click Create account tab, enter your details in the sign up form, read the privacy policy, and create an account for you.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download Norton Security.

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Last modified: 06/16/2017