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Devices aren't displayed correctly in Norton account

With the launch of the new Norton portal, you may see incorrect devices being displayed, or incorrect status for your existing devices. The incorrect information is prominently visible in the main page. This problem is caused by a data sync issue. If the security status within the Norton product on your device says that you are protected, then you can ignore these alerts.

If you see incorrect devices being displayed, follow the given steps to remove the device and reinstall your Norton product.

Remove incorrect devices or reactivate protection

    To update your account to display only your currently protected devices, with the correct status, you need to remove the devices that display incorrectly and reinstall or activate your protection on those devices again.

  1. Sign In to Norton.

    If you have obtained your product from a service provider, use the partner login link and partner challenge code, or 4-digit partner unit ID you received in your welcome mail.

  2. In the Devices page, hover over the device that you are no longer using, and in the bottom right corner click the ellipseicon.

  3. Click Delete Device.

  4. In the Remove Device confirmation window, click Remove.

  5. Click Done.

  6. Redownload or re-activate the subscription on each device you need to protect, to ensure that it is properly displayed.

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Last modified: 01/04/2019