How do I use the Search tool?

You can open the Search tool by the following ways:

  • Press the search shortcut key that you have set. By default, the shortcut key is set as Ctrl + F and works only when your Norton product has focus. To change this setting, refer Set a Search Shortcut Key.

  • On the Norton product main window, click the search () icon.

  • On the taskbar area, right-click on your Norton product icon and then click Search.

  • On the Norton Help Center window, click Search.

The Search tool helps you with the following:

Locate a specific feature in your Norton product

In the Search window, type the feature name in the search box. If you are not sure of the feature name, start typing any related keyword to get search suggestions that you can use to find the information faster. You can hover your mouse over each search suggestion to see a brief explanation about the feature. You can also change the settings of a feature from the search results.

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Last modified: 09/13/2017