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Norton Security Scan is a free and easy-to-use tool that scans your computer for viruses, spyware, and other security threats. If Norton Security Scan finds a threat, you can fix it by installing a Norton Security service.

Norton Security Scan uses Norton Insight, an award-winning reputation technology that helps to detect suspicious files.

Norton Security Scan is not intended to replace continuous, real-time protection from the latest security risks. To resolve security risks and protect your computer from future infections, Symantec recommends that you use a Norton Security service.

Norton Security Scan detects the following security threats:


Programs that infect another program, boot sector, partition sector, or document by inserting itself or attaching itself to that medium. Most viruses just replicate; many also do damage.

Trojan horses

Programs containing malicious codes that are disguised as or hiding in something benign, such as a game or utility.

Hacking tools

Tools that a hacker uses to gain unauthorized access to your computer. One type of hacking tool, a keystroke logger, tracks and records your individual keystrokes and can send this information back to the hacker.


Programs that can scan systems or monitor activity and relay the information to other computers or unwanted locations.


Programs that facilitate the delivery of advertising content through their own window, or by using another program's interface.


Programs that track system activity, gather system information, or track user habits, and relay this information to third-party organizations. The information that is gathered by such programs is neither personally identifiable nor confidential. Trackware programs are installed with the user's consent, and may also be packaged as part of another application that the user installs.

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