Add a USB printer to your Norton Core network

When you add a USB printer to your Norton Core network, you can print to it from any device on your secure network. Norton Core supports only one printer at a time for your secure network. You cannot connect more than one printer.

Add a USB printer to Norton Core

  1. Connect the printer USB cable to the USB port of the Norton Core router.

  2. Launch the Norton Core app.

  3. On the top-left corner, tap the menu icon.

  4. Tap Settings > Router.

  5. In the Router Settings screen, turn on USB 3.0 Port/USB Printer.

Enabling or disabling the USB 3.0 Port/USB Printer option does not impact the security score of your secure network.

After you enable the USB settings, you need to add the printer using a Windows or Mac computer to configure the printer with the gateway IP address of Norton Core.

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Last modified: 08/16/2017