Exploit Prevention

The Exploit Prevention feature in your Norton product protects the applications and files that are prone to exploit attacks. The key features of Exploit Prevention include:

  • Provides zero-day exploit protection

  • Prevents hackers from exploiting your computer

What is an exploit attack?

An exploit is a technique that hackers use to exploit vulnerability in a program that you use and perform malicious actions on your computer.

Types of exploits:

  • Remote exploit - A remote exploit runs over a network and can exploit the vulnerability without any prior access to your computer.

  • Local exploit - A local exploit requires prior access to exploit your computer. It usually involves increasing the user account privileges of the hackers.

An exploit attack can:

  • Slow down your computer.

  • Cause sudden application failure.

  • Expose your personal data and confidential information to hackers.

You should keep your applications up to date to minimize the risk of known exploit attacks.

How do I make sure that malicious applications are blocked?

Norton alerts you when you run a program or open a file that is prone to exploit attacks. The alert window displays detailed information about the blocked attack signature.

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Last modified: 08/31/2017