What changed in Norton Security?

Certain features when compared to the older Norton products have not been included in Norton Security with an objective to support the newer technologies that deliver great protection. Some of these features are:

Registry Cleanup

  • Evaluation of the telemetry data revealed that Registry Cleanup was not widely used by users in Norton 360, so the decision was taken to remove this feature. However, you can still get an effective Registry Cleanup through our Norton Utilities product.

Stability rating

  • We observed that not many users were accessing the Stability ratings feature in the older Norton products, due to which the decision was taken to not include it in Norton Security. All references to the stability ratings are removed from the following components:

    • Security History

    • Norton Insight

    • File Insight

    • Download Insight: The stability rating previously visible on the Download Insight alert has been removed. Also, the Download Insight Report Card has been removed. It was displayed when an unstable file was launched on your computer, or the "Alert on Poor Stability" setting was turned on.

    Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 will continue to show the stability ratings even after we stop publishing the data. However, the stability rating displayed on your Norton product will not be most recent.

Pulse Update

  • In Norton Security, the Total Cloud Protection feature that scans using cloud-based virus definitions directly, replaces Pulse Updates.

IM Scan

  • Files transferred through instant messenger (IM) clients are already scanned by Auto-Protect. The only time where an IM scan is useful is if you turn Auto-Protect off, which is not a common scenario. When Auto-Protect is off, a system is not protected and having IM scan on does not make it secure. Therefore, we have removed the IM Scan feature in Norton Security.

Outlook Express integration

  • Outlook Express in Windows XP is not being used on a lot of computers these days; as most users prefer Microsoft Outlook, or they have upgraded to a newer version of the operating system. Therefore, Norton AntiSpam does not support Outlook Express in Norton Security.

Network Security Map

  • This feature has not been included in Norton Security since it was not extensively being used in the older Norton products. The relevant firewall, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Exclusions feature, and Network Trust have been moved into the Network Settings in Norton Security.

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