Information on the FBI warning about destructive malware

This article provides more information about the FBI warning regarding the wave of attacks by destructive malware.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned businesses about the destructive malware attacks in the US. These attacks appear to cause damage to data on a computer's hard drives, preventing the computer from running and resulting in a loss of information. As a result of this warning, we want to take the opportunity to remind consumers of the importance of maintaining up-to-date security software as well as a current backup.

How does Norton protect me?

All Norton security products (including Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup, and Norton Security Suite) incorporate multiple layers of defense against malicious software. Norton products detect the malware referred to in this FBI warning as Backdoor.Destover. Run LiveUpdate to get the latest virus definitions for your Norton product.

How does Norton protect my data?

We also recommend a current backup of your data. A current backup can help to get you quickly running again after an attack such as the one the FBI has warned about. For customers of Norton Security with Backup or Norton 360, your data can be automatically backed up for you, but the feature must be configured at least once. For more information, read Configuring backup in Norton 360 or Norton Security with Backup.

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