An active subscription to Norton Security Online is required to receive product features and protection updates from Symantec. The latest protection updates and the product features keep you safe from the emerging threats.

Your subscription for Norton Security Online may get canceled:

  • If you discontinue the subscriptions with your service provider - You get Norton Security Online as a service from your service provider. So, your subscription gets canceled if you discontinue the subscription with your service provider. You cannot access any of the product features, and your device is vulnerable to viruses and risks.

  • If you transfer the license to other device (single seat) - If you transfer a license, the device from which the license is removed is no longer protected.

  • If your service provider cancels your subscription - Your service provider may cancel your subscription due to billing or other issues. Your subscription should automatically regain once these issues are resolved.

You can use the following options to help you resolve the subscription issues:

Help me stay protected (Recommended)

Lets you purchase the product.

Contact my service provider

Lets you contact the service provider to resolve the subscription issues.

Reactivate the service - I've resolved the issue

Lets you solve the issue automatically.

Solve common problems with your subscription

  • I have not canceled my subscription but still continue to see the subscription cancelation message.

    If you have resolved your subscription issues and still continue to see the cancellation message, then click Contact my service provider from the Subscription window. If you still have issues, then click Reactivate the service - I've resolved the issue from the Subscription window.

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Last modified: 04/06/2018