Norton protection updates

Protection updates are the files that keep your Norton product up-to-date with the latest antithreat technology. New viruses or threats can appear daily, so ensure that you have the latest version of Norton and the most up-to-date protection content to defend latest threats against your device. If you have a valid subscription, your Norton uses LiveUpdate technology to automatically obtain these updates for your device by contacting the Symantec server at regular intervals.

The updates that are obtained include program and definition updates. Program updates are minor improvements to your installed Norton product. These differ from product upgrades, which are newer versions of the entire product. Program updates are usually created to extend the operating system or hardware compatibility, adjust a performance issue, or fix program errors. Program updates are released on an as-needed basis.

Some protection updates may require that you restart your computer to complete the update process.

Definition updates are the files that keep you protected against viruses and emerging threats. The definition updates include the following:

  • Virus definitions - Identifies the viruses that attack your device.

  • Predefined firewall rules - Controls network traffic and network access for programs on your device. This feature is not available in Norton AntiVirus.

  • Intrusion prevention signatures - Identifies unauthorized access attempts to your device.

  • Symantec spam definition files - Identifies the spam nature of emails that you receive.

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