Order in which firewall rules are processed

The Smart Firewall processes Traffic rules before it processes Program rules. For example, when there is a Program rule that allows Internet Explorer to access Internet using port 80 with TCP protocol and a Traffic rule that blocks TCP communication through port 80 for all applications. The Internet Explorer application cannot access the Internet as Norton gives precedence to Traffic rules over Program rules.

Within the list of Traffic rules, rules are processed in order of appearance, from top to bottom. Program Rules entries are not processed in order. The rules within each Program Rules entry, however, are processed in order of appearance, from top to bottom.

For example, you have a Program rule for the Symantec pcAnywhere application that blocks the use of the application with any other computer. You add another rule for the same application that allows its use with a specific computer. You then move the new rule before the original rule in the program rule list. Norton processes the new rule first and lets you use Symantec pcAnywhere with that specific computer. It then processes the original rule and prevents its use with any other computer.

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DOCID: v1028031_ns_retail_en_us
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 12/13/2016