Info: Upgrading Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 customers to Norton Security

Process and Options to convert a customer to Norton Security

  • Any of the following options can be provided to a customer to convert the subscription for N1, N360, NAV, NIS to a Norton Security product.

Option 1 - Transfer Subscription to Norton Security

Option 2 - Provide a new Norton Security subscription and disable the old one

  1. Verify ownership of the account (basic) - See Policy: Verifying account ownership.

  2. Place a free order on the same account for the mapped product.

    • NAV or NIS -> NS Standard or NS Deluxe

    • N360 or N1 -> NS Premium

  3. Assist the customer to activate their new product.

  4. Disable their old product.

  5. Use Optimus to add or remove days to match their previous subscription.

    How to Log Solution


    Sub Type

    1. Place Order

    Free Order

    2. Modify Subscription

    Disable Key

    How to Log Issue


    Sub Type



    Product selection


Response Points - Customer wants to know why they can't activate NS with N360/NIS/NAV key

    • N1, N360, NIS, NAV customers cannot use their keys to activate Norton Security (NS).

    • Norton Security service is a new product with a new subscription.

    • The clients released with the Norton Security service are not client updates for N1, N360, NIS, NAV customers.

Response Points - Future plans for N360/NIS/NAV customers

    • In the future, date will be communicated when available, customers will have the ability to transition their product to Norton Security if they want, online through the Norton Portal (

Response Points - N360/NIS/NAV will remain secured

    • Customers with an active subscription will remain protected with the latest version for their subscription 22.x.

    • Products will continue to receive protection updates (LiveUpdate virus definitions)

    • Products are still supported by Norton Engineering teams.

    • You will continue to receive Support as described in the Support Policy.

Response Points - Customers wants to convert their current subscription to Norton Security

    • In some situations I can help exchange your current subscription for one of a Norton Security or Norton Security which has backup subscription. I can assure you that you will remain protected with your current product. Please let me know if you would like me to look into this further.

    • Norton One customers will lose their Premium Support and Norton Anti-Theft features by converting to Norton.

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