Reasons for Fix Now failures

Your Norton product works silently in the background to protect you from all types of security threats. If Norton detects any significant issues that may block your protection or reduce your system performance, it performs a fix now task.

In some circumstances, the fix now task fails.

The reasons for Fix Now failures and how to resolve them:

  • Subscription expiration

    Ensure that your subscription is active. To check your subscription, on the main window, click Help and then click Subscription Status.

  • Slow Internet connection

    Your product obtains the updates from the Norton servers. If your Internet connectivity is slow, the updates that are required to fix issues in your product cannot be downloaded. Ensure that your connection has better speed to download all virus definitions.

  • Computer is completely infected

    If your computer is severely infected and the product does not have enough updates to clean the viruses, Fix Now may fail. Run Norton Power Eraser to clean up your computer. For instructions, Scan your computer with Norton Power Eraser

  • Threats not completely removed

    When the threats are removed, the Norton product prompts you to restart your computer. If you skip to restart, the Fix Now may fail at a later stage when you run it.

  • Protection updates are outdated

    In some cases, you may not have the latest protection updates if you have upgraded to the latest version of the product. Run LiveUpdate several times to get the latest protection updates.

  • LiveUpdate failure

    If LiveUpdate fails, Fix Now also fails. To solve common issues with LiveUpdate, Norton LiveUpdate.

  • No Internet connection

    Ensure that your device is connected to the Internet. Check that the parental control settings and proxy settings do not block your connection.

  • Network Cost Awareness is set to Economy or no Traffic

    If the Network Cost Awareness option is set to Economy or No Traffic mode, your computer cannot get the latest updates. To change this setting, Define Norton's Internet usage

  • Firewall does not allow the traffic

    Make sure your product's Firewall settings are enabled to allow traffic. For more information, Turn Norton Firewall on or off

  • Date and time is not correct

    If your computer date and time was changed manually or incorrect, Fix Now may fail. Ensure that you have set the date and time correct.

  • Not enough space on your computer

    If there is not enough space on the disk to install the updates, Fix Now may fail. Free some space on the disk and run LiveUpdate.

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