Information on Norton Mobile Security and the Fake ID vulnerability

What is the Fake ID vulnerability?

  • A new vulnerability named Fake ID has been detected in all Android operating systems beyond version 2.1. This vulnerability can allow hackers to steal personal information, such as passwords or financial information from Android users. Using this vulnerability, hackers can create apps that use fake security credentials to access other apps on a user's device.

Am I protected?

  • Google says that no exploits have yet been detected, and it has created a patch, which it has distributed to partners to help keep app information safe. However, this may take some time for partners to implement this fix.

    If you have Norton Mobile Security, you are protected against this vulnerability. Norton Mobile Security includes Norton Mobile Insight intelligence, which keeps a close watch on the downloaded apps for malware.

    If you have Norton 360 Multi-Device, your subscription lets you install the full version of Norton Mobile Security on your Android device.

Does this vulnerability affect my iOS devices?

  • No, this vulnerability is detected only on Android operating systems beyond version 2.1, and it doesn't affect your iOS devices.

How can I check if my Android device is affected or not?

  • You can download our free Norton Halt app from Google Play to check if your device has the vulnerability.

Where can I download Norton Mobile Security?

For more information, read the Norton Protection Blog article, Android Security Bug Uses "Fake ID" To Access User Information.

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