FAQ: Two-factor authentication for your account

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that adds an extra layer of security for your account. If you enable this feature, you need to enter your account password and a special verification code sent to your phone via text, voice, or mobile app. This code is specific to your account and changes every time you sign in.

With two-factor authentication added, even if someone steals or guesses your password, they cannot access your account as they also require the code in your phone to sign in.

Common issues with two-factor authentication

  • Verification code not received or did not work

    The verification code that you receive is valid only for a specific time duration. Ensure that you sign in to your account as soon as you receive the code.

    If you did not receive the verification code on your phone or the code did not work, you have to request for a new verification code by signing again to your account.

    If you use an authenticator app, open the app to get the new verification code. If the verification code that you received does not work, wait for some time and then use a new verification code.

    If you use an authenticator app for both primary and secondary methods, ensure that you are using the right code associated with the account.

  • Lost my mobile device

    If you have lost your mobile device, you must use the same phone number in your new mobile device to receive the verification code via a text message or voice message.

    If you have previously signed in to your account from a trusted computer and checked that the computer should remember you, you can sign in from that computer without a verification code. Once you sign in to your account, turn off two-factor verification until you can again get verification codes.

  • Receiving the verification code only in English

    Currently, the verification code sent as a voice or text message is available in English only. We are working to make it available in other languages. However, if you do not want the verification code in English, you can use an authenticator app to generate the code. Download any free authenticator app on your phone from Google Play or App store.

  • One of the verification method did not work

    If you cannot access one of the methods to receive the verification code, you need to use an alternate method. For example, if you cannot receive voice messages on your phone, you can use the text message method or the authenticator app.

    If all of the methods you used to enroll are not accessible to you, your account is locked and we cannot assist you with providing access to your account. In case your account gets locked, you may have to create a new account.

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Last modified: 08/10/2021