Features of Norton ConnectSafe

What is Norton ConnectSafe?

  • Norton ConnectSafe is a cloud-based service designed to help speed and secure access to Internet sites from any device that has a Web browser. It delivers basic security for these devices so a user can surf the web more reliably.

How does Norton ConnectSafe work?

  • DNS (Domain Name Service) is like a phone book. Each time a computer visits a website, it needs to get the IP address of the site, as computers connect only to IP addresses. When Norton ConnectSafe is used, it delivers IP addresses fast. Also, it does a quick check on the site to make sure that it isn't malicious. If it is, users are protected from the site and receive detailed information from the Norton Safe Web database on why it is harmful. Norton ConnectSafe may collect data about user's web activities to help increase web surfing speeds and improve security-it never keeps any personally identifiable information.

    Norton ConnectSafe is updated with Norton Safe Web data every few minutes. This new security information is propagated throughout the network every 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Norton Safe Web contains information on millions of sites and is queried billions of times each day.

    Norton ConnectSafe provides basic security at the DNS level. It is not a substitute for a full, client-based security solution on a PC.

Key Features and Benefits

    • Blocks phishing and bad content

      Protects against phishing and malware sites automatically and blocks content from 30 categories with the ability to always allow certain sites. Security and hardened servers safeguard Norton ConnectSafe from DNS-based attacks.

    • Fast Web browsing

      Fast DNS response means pages load faster. Performs better than most default DNS providers.

    • Adds Web safety

      Basic security blocks access to problem sites at the DNS level.

    • No software installation

      No need for any software on the user's device with this cloud-based service.


  • Support for Norton ConnectSafe is provided only through Norton Community Forums. You can post your problems or queries, at Norton Community Forum

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