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Product activation and download is designed to protect you from abused or compromised software. Our records indicate that you have used your product key to activate on more computers than that is allowed by Symantec's End User License Agreement.

To fix this problem, check if you have your Norton product installed on any unused device. If your Norton product is installed on a device that you no longer use, you can log on to your Norton account to reclaim the Norton product license from that device.

Remove license from an unused computer

  1. Sign In to Norton to update the license information.

  2. In the Services page, select your Norton product that you want to install on your computer.

  3. Under Manage My Installs, in the Remove License column, click the trash can icon next to the device that you no longer use.

  4. Click OK.

    If you can remove an unused device from your install count, you have an additional activation available. Go back to your product and attempt to activate again. If you cannot remove any unused devices, go to the next step to check if a different product key is available to use for activation.

Find a different product key to activate with

  1. Sign In to Norton to view your license information.

  2. In the Services page, select your Norton product.

  3. Verify that the product key displayed is different than the one that you are already using, and you have license seats available for that.

  4. Use the product key to activate your product.

    For more information, read How to Activate your Norton Product.

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Last modified: 07/19/2016