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Becoming a reseller of Symantec products

How to become a Norton reseller?

  • To become a reseller, you must register as a member of the Norton partner program. To register, visit the Norton PartnerNet website and click Apply for Partnership.

What are the benefits of registering with the Norton partner program?

  • By registering with the Norton partner program, you will be able to acquire Norton products to sell from Symantec distributors. In addition, you can use Norton PartnerNet to access the following resources: The latest news and promotions for the latest Norton products.

    • The latest news and promotions for the latest Norton products.

    • Norton marketing collateral and training resources.

    • Norton partner technical support.

    • Not-for-Resale ('NFR') 180-day license for your own use.

Why should I become a Norton partner?

  1. Boost sales

    With promotional programs and a selection of effective marketing and sales tools, we can help you grow your business.

  2. Increase customer engagement

    Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with educational materials and award-winning products.

  3. Experience the competitive advantage

    Secure your revenue streams with Norton products and stay ahead of the competition with one of the market leaders in internet security.

  4. Enjoy exclusive promotions

    Take advantage of special offers and great prices - what you need to help benefit your business.

  5. Get help with partner support

    Tailored support programs helps you provide the help your customers need, when they need it.

  6. Grow your business

    The Norton partner program helps you expand your business into new territories, develop thriving customer relationships and build new revenue streams.

  7. Join a world leader in security

    With online security expertise and one of the world's largest threat intelligence networks, Norton helps you protect your customers - without slowing them down.

How do I get access to the Norton PartnerNet website?

  1. Go to Norton PartnerNet.

  2. Click Apply for Partnership.

  3. Create a new SymAccount or use your existing SymAccount User ID and password to sign in.

  4. Complete the requested information and agree to the Norton partner program contract, and then click Submit.

  5. After approval (approximately 24-48 hours), you will receive a confirmation email to access the site with your login and password.

When can I expect a response to my inquiry submitted on Norton PartnerNet?

  • Response to the inquiries that are submitted is provided within 4-5 business days.

Where can I get additional assistance?

    • To find a distributor in your region, log into Norton PartnerNet.

    • Norton PartnerNet is currently available in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. For assistance in other regions, please send an email to: Norton_partnernet@symantec.com.

    • Norton PartnerNet is the best place for assistance for Norton Resellers.

    • If you have non-technical questions about the Norton partner program, reseller specific sales and marketing programs, Norton PartnerNet site or any other Norton related inquires, you can contact Norton at norton_partnernet@symantec.com.

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